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Data updated: 23 July 2024

Dental science, as a dynamically evolving field, has a broad inquiry range of both basic and mostly applied research. A large part of dental research being conducted in Greece is completed within the School of Dentistry of the NKUA. This research is carried out by the faculty of the school, the postgraduate students, the doctoral candidates, as well as by a significant number of external collaborators.

Laboratory research is carried out in the Laboratory of Biomaterials, the Histopathology Laboratory, the Microbiology Laboratory, the Laboratory of Biology and in the Cell Culture Laboratory. Additionally, active cooperation take place with research centers and institutes of Greece as well as abroad, through partnerships that have been sensibly cultivated.

In addition to laboratory investigations, clinical studies are also carried out, in the various clinics of the School. To this end, the Research Committee and the Research Ethics Committee have been established in the School to which all research protocols involving patients are submitted for approval.

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