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School of Dentistry


The School provide oral health services to patients, from Monday to Friday (8.30-12.30 am & 1.00-5.00 pm), excluding holidays, exclusively in the context of the education of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Dental treatments are carried out by undergraduate and postgraduate students under the guidance and intervention of teaching staff. Especially in postgraduate clinics, treatments are provided by specialized graduate dentists.

  • For new appointments, for first examination you may call:. (+30) 210-746-1260  or  (+30) 210-746-1237,  Monday to Friday (12:00-14:00)
  • For appointments in Paediatric Dentistry ( oral health care for infants and children) you may call at (+30) 210-746-1136, Monday to Friday ( 9:00  - 11:00)
  • For Orthodontic Treatment you may call: (+30) 210-746-1134, Monday to Friday (10:00  - 12:00)

Each treatment in the clinics of the School of Dentistry has a certain cost (health expenditure), which is covered by the patient. This cost is considerably low since it only covers the cost of the materials and consumables used.